Keynote speakers

Jan Engberg is Professor of  Knowledge Communication at the Department Business Communication, University of Aarhus, Denmark. His main areas of research interest are the study of texts and genres in the academic field, cognitive aspects of domain specific discourse and the relations between specialised knowledge and text formulation as well as basic aspects of communication in domain-specific settings. His research has been focused upon communication and translation in the field of law as well as other fields of academic communication like climate change communication, and he is opening an avenue of research in the field of multimodality and the dissemination of academic knowledge. Furthermore, he is co-editor of the international journal Fachsprache and member of the editorial or advisory boards of a substantial number of international scholarly journals.

Marie J. Myers (Doctorate in Psychology of Language, Communication and Pedagogical Intervention, Université de Strasbourg, France) is a full professor at Queen’s University, Canada. She previously had been a Tenured Associate Professor in the French Department at Dalhousie University. Her research interests include language development (with and without the latest computer technologies), transcultural communication, pragmalinguistics and sociopragmatics; the grammar of pictures and systems theory. She has been a conference speaker in over 25 countries and has two published books, participated in several others and has over 100 refereed articles in her areas of interest: intercultural communication, language for special purposes (including second language acquisition, applied linguistics, language development, teaching and learning) and systems theory. She was an Invited Professor at Roma Tre and Malaya University Linguistics Departments, at McQuarrie University (Applied Linguistics Institute), at HoChiMinh University (Valofrase), at the  University of Hong Kong (Second Language Center). She organized workshops at international conferences including AILA (International Association of Applied Linguistics), IPra (the World Pragmatics Association) and was an invited consultant in several countries including Singapore. She also took part on scientific and conference organizing committees with many associations and is presently on the editorial board of several academic journals.

Dardo de Vecchi received his PhD in linguistics in 1999 from the Université Paris Nord in the Centre de terminologie et de néologie of the CNRS about companies particular sociolect: the company-speak. In 2011 he obtained the French HDR qualification (Habilitation à Diriger des Recherches) required to supervise a doctoral thesis in the French university system. He is also a scientific expert for the Ministry of Research. He teaches at Euromed-Management Business School (Kedge BS) where he teaches Business applied linguistics and at the University Paris Denis Diderot where he teaches terminology. His research focuses on the dynamics of terminology and language in business and takes advantage of his professional experience in the hotel and airline industry, two of the best places to observe diversity of natural languages and cultures. He developed a specific terminological approach of organisations (pragmaterminology): expressions and other signs that are part of a company's culture and that crystalize what its members conceive, know, communicate in their own way at one moment in their history. He is president of the scientific committee of the Groupe d'Études Management & Langage (GEM&L,

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